2017 Nissan Titan Pro-4X Pickup Test Drive Review

2017 Nissan Titan Pro-4X Pickup Test Drive Review
Among enormous pickup trucks Ford’s F-series, outsells the Toyota Camry, the best-selling traveler automobile, two to one. Cause in the profitable boundaries connected to a $50,000 truck and it’s clear why sales in this part are worthy battling for.

Even though the Titan’s monthly measure is less than the amount of Ford F-series trucks vended in an individual day, Nissan is asleep serious about cracking this marketplace. It’s so serious that it offers the half-ton Titan in five disparate cut stages. The Pro-4X analyzed here is the off-road-oriented venue juvenile, with a base value of $46,215. As the name implies, part moment four-wheel ride is standard with all terrain tires, 18-by-8-inch aluminum wheels, Bilstein plates, a locking breed differential, hill-descent regulate and an alloy board base safeguarding the radiator and the lubricant reservoir.

While our off-roading was minor to passing some grass moving locations, we did take outstanding benefit of the towing help wheel a set hitch and idler equipping ­­­­­­included as Pro-4X grade tool. Our try-out with Utility and Tow collections costs $1820 more, which includes supplied tie-downs, an idler restraint controller, a means of analyzing idler lights from inside the compartment, long energy mirrors. In component, this Titan approached with a $3520 Convenience collection existing of heated leather front and breed rooms, a bending and telescoping heated riding wheel and several other features. A $750 Luxury collection increased front-seat improvement, an overhead-orientation observe, and side mirrors that automatically tilt in reverse. The three option packs elevated the framework aculeu to $52,305.

Its run to 60 mph in 6.4 seconds and through the quarter-mile in 15.2 seconds at 94 mph put it at midpack in the truck-acceleration category. It needed 186 feet to stop from 70 mph, 13 feet less than a Ram 1500 Rebel and 17 feet less than a GMC Sierra 1500 All Terrain X but two feet more than a Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Z71. This Titan’s 0.74-g controlling grasping and normal understeer at the maximum are worthy inclined all terrain tires and 5932-pound restrain weight.

One situation that affected us was the Titan’s 74-decibel compartment sound stage during full-throttle acceleration and its 67 decibels while cruising. While that’s emblematic for the truck-truck collection.

The Pro-4X lacks the chromium front found on other Titans. The LED light and headlight arrangements have aesthetic shinny pronunciations and the 18-inch wheels have starry device surfaces with charcoal-gray colorant locations in a transmitting path. Likewise, in the interest of passing stumps and rocks, there are no side-stride rails. The posture is high enough to give the masculine look in this collection but not so elevated up that a stride seat is essential for entry. V-8 move Nissan’s DOHC V-8 is a situation of autoloading glamour with four-valve oxidation architects, changeable intake-valve moment and elevate and direct fuel insertion.

In malevolence of its efficiency-boosting 11.2:1 concentration ratio, it runs contentedly on constant gas. Energy and force limits are both relatively high, but there was full low-extremity muscle to pull our 6000-pound idler smartly up to highway merging speed. This motor revs willingly to its 6000 rpm auto upshift component without disorder.

The Jatco-built seven speed automatic is an inclined relative, supplying manual regulate via an attendant control connected to the column stagehand and a towing-mode fastener on the extremity of the stagehand. The only insufficiency we stated was a 13-mpg normal fuel system versus 14 to 16 mpg in other. Some of that insufficiency is ascribable to our 70 mph journey to the region side of Michigan with an idler in tow.

Controlling isn’t a message of touching interest in this arena, but the Titan’s bilinear and responsive energy riding was a feeling to use and the Bilstein gas pressure jolts included with Pro-4X cut given impressive spin and pitch softening without a suggestion of roughness over perverted pavement. Thinking its on and off road ability is outstanding. Truck devices put up with enormous turning ellipses, inferior fuel system and other truck disadvantages for the uncommon occasions when they tap their towing and pulling strengths.

The Titan provides a wholesome mix of solace up front with weight improvement in back. The Pro-4X compartment is an enormous and extravagant district for five inhabitants that offers accessory rooms, simple rights and amazing skillfulness, especially in back. The split breed dampers can be elevated to convert traveler perches into a stage weight space. Lockable rooms beneath the molded plastic merchandise platforms are another easy to use tap. A large console with multiple position cupholders, enormous retention measures and an easy to use point for a smartphone or two. A 7.0-inch touchscreen serves as the infotainment regulate venue. It’s supplied with voice recognition steering, hands-free matter communicating, Siri Eyes Free, Bluetooth and a backup camera.

An ordinal message venue between the tach and the meter presents intelligent message such as pitch, spin, and riding angles. The 5.5-foot merchandise supplied is on the abbreviated side but more than adequate for the substance containers, components and equipment we needed for our race. The gate is nicely softened, the spray on bedliner eluded our mistreatment and the adaptable cleats were easy to use for obtaining objects inclined to sailing away at speed. There’s also a 120 volt AC outlet in the supplied and enough LED merchandise area lights to blind Broadway.

There are no area levels for climbing into the supplied when the gate is moved. Chevrolet, Ford, GMC and Ram do such an outstanding job of encouraging their possessors’ cooperation and this is going to make difficult for Nissan to convince customer to go for Titan.

Starting Price $46,215
Vehicle Type 4 door truck, front engine, rear-/4-wheel-drive
Engine DOHC 32-valve V-8, direct fuel injection
Transmission 7-speed automatic, manual shifting mode
Horsepower 390 hp @ 5800 rpm
Torque 394 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm
Displacement 339 cu in, 5552 cc
Wheelbase 139.8 in
Length 228.5 in
Width 80.7 in
Height 77.2 in
Curb weight 5932 lb
Passenger volume 120 cu ft
0-60 mph 6.4 sec
0-100 mph 17.6 sec
Top speed 115 mph
Rolling start (5-60 mph) 6.8 sec
Top gear(30-50 mph) 3.4 sec
Top gear(50-70 mph) 5.0 sec
Braking (70-0 mph) 186 ft
Fuel economy (city/highway) 15/20 mpg
C/D observed 13 mpg
Pros Bilstein plates, more towing energy, good compartment
Cons low mpg, high merchandise supplied