Jaguar Land Rover 29 Nameplates Trademark filing

Jaguar Land Rover 29 Nameplates Trademark filing
- Jaguar Land Rover has filed 29 trademarks since March 13, is putting more possible model names under its net, filings include P-type, T-type, XJS, C-XE, iXE, diXE, XEdi, XEi, CXF, and CXJ, although trademarks are far from guarantees of anything happening

- we hope the T-type and P-type, if made, would follow the paths set down by the D-type and F-type sports cars rather than the S-type sedan

- XJS was spanned in the 1970s, letter C used for the C-X16 and C-X75 hybrid sports-car concepts, so that letter could indicate potential hybrid models, or it could simply mean coupe

- i and di variants could signal electric or diesel-electric models

- already have confirmation that EVs and hybrids are on the way

- the trademarks Westminster, Freestyle, Stormer, Sawtooth, Landmark, Range Rover Classic, and Landy were filed

- Westminster a special edition for the previous-generation Land Rover

- Freestyle a variant of the Land Rover Freelander

- the Range Stormer was Land Rover’s first ever concept in 2004

- a Sawtooth is a type of Defender wheel

- Landmark a special edition of the previous-generation Discovery

- Classic is self-explanatory and Landy is a common nickname for Land Rovers

- production is possible for this nameplates

- Jaguar and Land Rover have been expanding their lineups

- we might see a modern-day Jaguar XJS, a Land Rover Landy, or any of the other names